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I do not believe you young men can - I only wish you could - understand how we of those long agone days love that little college down among the Ohio hills, that holy spot with its golden memories of precious hours and loving hearts. A man is not strong because of what he knows, or thinks, or says, or does, but because of what he is. The faculty of that little college was the college. Those men were mighty, earnest, loving men of God. The Cross meant to them what it meant to the saints and the martyrs of old, and they tried to teach the founders of this order what it was and what it is, and is always to be.
— Benjamin Piatt Runkle

Runkle presents his address, "WeSeven." for the first time at the Convention of the Fifth Province, in Chicago, December 4-5, 1908. Around this time of the school year, our daily routines mastered and monotonous. Time, unintentionally, moves a little faster, and Runkle understands the difficulty of explaining such a phenomena to the young. Suggesting only to enjoy every moment, enable yourself to learn more than academics from your professors, and, ultimately, seek out the knowledge possessed by the virtuous men of the Cross. Don't let his fear come true and this immense wisdom fall upon deaf ears.


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