Daily Tasks

  1. Reach out to alumni to inform them of chapter events.

  2. Develop and manage the alumni mentorship program.

  3. Send necessary information to Nationals.

  4. Maintain continuous contact via in-person, phone, email with alumni. Initiating and managing telethons (Bylaw needed for enforcement)


I have a committee of roughly 8 brothers. Currently, they assist with marketing the 130th Anniversary. As marketing for the event slows down, I may look to involve 1-2 reliable & hard-working members focusing on teaching them the CRM software of SendinBlue, having them attend special alumni events, as well as any other miscellaneous tasks needed.

Committee Members

1. Rad Mirkovic

2. Nick Kasner*

3. Jack Beran

4. Shaymus O'Brien

5. Brodie Roehrig*

6. Andrew Cooper*

7. Billy Langer*

8. Rick Pradhan

9. Pat Bernick

Struggles & Challenges

Our connection and presence with alumni is weak. A Tribune cannot simply regain the respect and involvement of our alumni in a single year. It is a year-over-year, continuous effort that will make our events better attended, donations to philanthropy frequent and larger, and mentorship programs highly desirable and much more.

Strangely enough, the largest element of the position is consistency. The Tribune must reach out to alumni on a regular basis informing them of upcoming events, report to nationals of any chapter position changes, plan and manage the Twin Cities Alumni Mentorship Program as well as any other miscellaneous events such as Anniversaries or Significant Sigs.

The Tribune position is headed in the right direction. With the implementation of SendinBlue, a customer relationship management tool, the Tribune has been able to keep in touch with alumni far more frequently and professionally. Currently, the Tribune's main goal is to grow the Alumni Information Database so that we may better market our events.